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Meet the members of The BASES Student Advisory Group (SAG)

Mastveer Ghatahora

ASES Role: SAG Chair and Student Representative (UG) for the Physical Activity for Health Division and part of the BASES Outreach Project Team. Being the Chair of the Student Advisory Group, I work alongside a team of enthusiastic individuals.

About me: I started my education 4 years ago at the University of Portsmouth and am now in my final year as a BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science Student. Whilst completing my degree, I completed a placement year with the Army Recruiting Initial Training Command (ARITC) in Wiltshire where I met lots of amazing people and got the chance to be involved with many great opportunities. After completing my degree, I plan to do a MSc in Sports Medicine or Musculoskeletal Health. I also plan to do a PhD. Outside of university, I am very passionate about the gym and coaching – I am currently in the process of getting a Level 3 Gym Instructor qualification so I can pursue this interest alongside my career. I also participate in netball games and casual horse riding as I love horses!

BASES benefits: As an undergraduate BASES member, I was exposed to many great opportunities that I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience otherwise. For example, I was able to connect with like-minded individuals in the sport and exercise science field. I had access to different resources such as the Student Conference where I was able to network with other students and see new and exciting research being bought out into this field. I was able to attend webinars and keynotes from influential individuals who gave me a new insight into what is available in the world of sport and exercise science. I would definitely recommend a BASES student membership as you won’t ever be at a loss for seeking networking opportunities and accessing materials to expand your knowledge and interests.

Sofie Power

BASES Role: SAG member and Student Representative (PG) for the Physical Activity for Health division within BASES.

About me: I am a final year PhD student within the Centre for Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise Sciences at Coventry University, researching the development and design of a home-based exercise programme for and with adults living with overweight and obesity.  I previously completed my undergraduate degree in Physical Activity, Sport and Health and have real world experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of physical activity and health projects within community settings and local authorities.

BASES benefits: BASES has specifically benefitted my postgraduate journey, from presenting research at division days and the annual conferences, to building and developing professional relationships with experts in the field of sport and exercise sciences.  

Fran Collings

BASES Role: SAG member and Student Representative (PG) for the Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour Division. 

Current role: I started my PhD at the University of Aberdeen this year and am researching swimming biomechanics.  I started my PhD at the University of Aberdeen this year and am researching swimming biomechanics.  As part of my research I am investigating how computer learning methods can be integrated into biomechanical analysis with the aims of improving swimming performance and developing new methods with multiple applications. 

Benefits of BASES:

  1. Applying for BASES Sport and Exercise Scientist Accreditation with a focus on High Performance and Supervised Experience.
  2. Attending the BASES student conference.
  3. Accessing the discounts available for BASES' annual conference, division days, and webinars.

Patrick Mannix

BASES Role: SAG member and Student Representative (PG) for the Sport and Performance Representatives.

BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist.

About me: I am currently in the applied sport and exercise sciences professional doctorate program at Liverpool John Moores University, My doctoral research is evaluating player development initiatives and the youth-to-senior transition process in the North American domestic league, Major League Soccer.

I am based in Chicago, IL where I work full-time for the U.S. Soccer Federation as a senior sport scientist. My primary remit with U.S. Soccer is helping lead the organisation and delivery of a standardized performance support model for the youth national teams programme, which encompasses age categories from the under 14s all the way up to the under 20s. In addition, I am also on the ground to manage and deliver the performance support services for the under 23 men’s national team, as they prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Benefits of BASES: As a BASES professional member, the key benefit for me was getting myself on the pathway towards BASES Accreditation, which I completed last year. As a dual full-time student and NGB sport science practitioner, I think being part of the UK’s largest network of sport and exercise science professionals is another key benefit that I want to better utilize as I continue to progress towards the conclusion of my doctoral research.

I hope to meet and connect with many of you in the near future. Please feel free to reach out anytime via email or LinkedIn.

Victoria Tidmas

BASES Role: SAG member and Student Representative (PG) for the Physiology and Nutrition Division

About me: I am a 2nd year PhD student with the University of Hertfordshire where I also completed my undergraduate studies in Sports and Exercise Science. Mainly I am investigating the training, nutritional, and participation histories of extreme exercise athletes (ultra-endurance athletes and bodybuilders) on the kidney function and occurrence of acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) within these populations. I have also recently published a review paper regarding the guidelines for Transwomen competing in fencing. I am also a visiting lecturer for UH and have been involved in multiple modules for level 4, 5 and 6 undergraduates for Sport and Exercise Scientists. Currently, I am the lead in the Physiological Testing Consultancy at UH where we offer VO2max, blood lactate profiling, body composition tests, health screening, simulated altitude, and heat acclimation training. This year, alongside my research and teaching, I plan to achieve fellow status by completing the postgraduate certificate in Learning and Teaching program. In my free time I run my own swim school, teach for the local swimming club, and fly light aircraft. Interesting fact: Pilot

Benefits of BASES:I regret not being a member of BASES as an undergraduate student, I feel the CPDs, workshops, and especially the quarterly ‘The Sport and Exercise Scientist (TSES)’ would have been great and current resources from my first to my final year. As a postgraduate student I have used several BASES expert statements and TSES as reference material in my published papers. I continue to read each TSES to keep abreast of the current climate in sport science. As my interests align with the Physiology and Nutrition division, I have attended the virtual coffee mornings available to members about current topics such as the effectiveness of creatine and sodium bicarbonate on exercise performance, these were great for listening to and participating in debates with other like-minded individuals. The BASES student conference in April 2023 was a great chance to meet other student members and see seminars and poster presentations of exciting research, I recently attending the BASES annual conference.

Josh Till

BASES Role: SAG member and Student representatives for the Sport and Performance Division

About me: I first began my journey into higher education in 2018 where I started a BSc in sport and exercise science. In the final year of my BSc I done a placement with Worcester Warriors which provided me with some good experiences and a taste of what high performance strength and conditioning was like.

Following on from my BSc, I then completed an MSc in strength and conditioning. During the MSc I undergone a placement with British Judo which provided me with a wealth of experience working with elite athletes and provided me opportunity for further research. I am currently pursuing a part-time PhD investigating the effects of altitude training on judo performance. Alongside my PhD I also work as a sport laboratory technician at the university which involves assisting and supporting with teaching, research and consultation work, amongst many other duties. My research interests include: environmental training, strength and conditioning for combat sport, injury rehabilitation and return to play. Outside of the academia I regularly participate in combat sports including: Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo and freestyle wrestling.

BASES Benefits: The BASES student membership offers a wide range of benefits for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. As a postgraduate student myself, I understand the importance of not only having a good understanding of core concepts and theories relating to sport and exercise, but also having the opportunity to network with other students. Whether it be to brush up on a given topic using the expanding library of video and written content or to connect with other like-minded students, the BASES student membership has got you covered. As an additional benefit, BASES members are offered various discounts with publishers such as, Human Kinetics and are provided with reduced rates at BASES events like webinars and different conferences.”

If you have any questions or just want to chat, then feel free to contact me using the following email address-

Julia Suchanecka

BASES Role: SAG member and Student Representative (UG) for the Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour Division.

About me: I've just recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science.

BASES Benefits: The BASES member benefit I value the most is free attendance to member only Division Days, they are a great opportunity to network with professionals with similar interests to you and learn about emerging research in the field!

Lily Matthias: Student Representative (UG) for the Physiology and Nutrition Division

Molly Banks - has recently been appointed as a SAG member and Student Representative (UG) for the Psychology Division, congratulations!

Division Committee - Biomechanics and Motor Behaviour

Francesca CollingsStudent Representative (PG)
Syeda Shayma AhmedStudent Representative (UG)

Division Committee - Physical Activity for Health

Sofie PowerStudent Representative (PG)
Mastveer GhatahoraStudent Representative (UG)

Division Committee - Physiology and Nutrition

Victoria TidmasStudent Representative (PG)
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Division Committee – Psychology

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